Monday, October 8, 2007

... We Missed "Heroes" For THAT?

Well, you’re not gonna win an awful lot of series when your starting pitcher is yanked in the third or sooner, two games in a row. Paul Byrd was just good enough -- you were right, Eric Wedge, I apologize; but you do still need to shave -- and the Yankees left way too many men on base. Unlike last year, when they looked completely limp in their last loss to the Tigers, the Yanks at least went down fighting tonight, but the end result was the same. I'm happy for my Indians fan friends, at least; they deserve a pleasant October.

And for once, it wasn't about A-Rod. Go figure: he was fine but unspectacular. I feel for Chien-Ming Wang, who is under an awful lot of pressure to represent Taiwan, and just didn't have anything to work with tonight. In any case, the Yankees exit in the first round for the third year in a row, and there will probably be some repercussions -- it won't be a quiet off-season for either New York team, that's for sure.

This is a tough one, Yankee fans… but remember, when God closes a door, he opens a window, which you can crawl out of and run far, far away so as not to have to listen to Chip Caray anymore. Back a little later with more.

UPDATE, 11:58:

Torre's talking to reporters: "This ballclub, they've got a bright future." They, huh?

"The twelve years felt like they were ten minutes long." That sounds like someone saying goodbye.

Joe Torre has his faults as a manager, and I can understand why some people want him gone, but he's going to be tough to replace. And man, is it going to be strange to see someone else sitting in the dugout for the first time since I was a freshman in high school.


Anonymous said...

OK guys - meet me on the golf course....
(and remember, you only played 4 more games than us so I don't want to hear it.....)
Mr Met

Anonymous said...

Ah, Joe. We knew ye -- and we liked ye.

spark240 said...

I hate the Yankees, but I respect Joe Torre. If Steinbrenner dumps him, it'll be the worst managerial move since Loria fired Joe Girardi from the Marlins.

Joe Torre said...

Daa Da Da Daaa

Don't cry for me, Blog O'sphere...

If Cleveland only listened to me and the sabermetic crew, instead of bunting the runners into scoring position in the 4th, they would have won by two runs.

Oh wait, - they did bunt the runners over and...

Never mind.

Emma said...

Hey, come on -- the effectiveness of the bunt is open to debate, but it's not why the Yankees lost this game or the series.

Joe Torre said...



I kid, I kid.

Actually, I'm needling the guy (sounded like a guy) who says the bunt is self-defeating.

anyways, when comes to being mean, I pale when compared to Tuesday's NY Post.


Emma said...

You certainly do, joe! Wow.

hazmat said...

Stop that darn weeping for multimillionaire Torre.

He spent the last 7 years proving that he couldn't manage a pitching staff.

He may be a very nice person, but that doesn't mean diddly when it comes to winning the World Series (remember? that is the goal each April...for a baseball team to WIN the prize)...

Because of the stupid salary structure: mediocre to good players getting paid as much as $10 million or more, based on previous years performance - they are divorced from the reality of the current year and have little incentive to work hard.

Take Posada ... always a good player but it wasn't until the last year of his contract where he suddenly became a "great" hitter...gee, could the incentive of free agency have sparked his ability?

Say goodbye Joe and some of the others seeking to cash in on the largess provided ultimately by the fans.

Ken Burns said...

hazmat slip the media kool-aid on "contract years"

Andruw Jones was in the final year of his contract and he sucked from beginning to end.

Tom Glavine and Schilling were also in "contract years" and will be taking pay cuts, cause of this year's lack of performance.

Stuff happens, ask Bill Buckner and Grady Little. Sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's good (Aaron Boone).