Sunday, October 7, 2007

Coke or Pepsi, Chip?

Roger Clemens just got yanked after 2.1 innings, with what TBS is calling a "strained hamstring". He had a rough start, alternately missing the plate and getting hit hard -- Jeter's throwing error in the firstwas just icing on the cake. (As an aside, doesn't it just seem wrong that a pitcher of Clemens' caliber would have, as his nemesis, Trot Nixon?). Torre let Clemens get Victor Martinez on a strikeout, and so at least, if this is his last-ever game, he went out with a K. And as bad as he looked, things never did get completely out of hand.

This is a very, very tough spot to put Phil Hughes in -- do you really want this rookie, coming back from a major injury earlier in the year, to feel responsible for the end of the Yankees' season and maybe the loss of Torre's job? It's an insane amount of pressure to put on someone that young and inexperienced -- Friday night was his first time ever coming out of the pen. But I can't really argue that Mussina or anyone else would have been a better choice.

Hughes, after a Nuke LaLoosh-esque wild pitch, a ground out, and a run-scoring double to Jhonny Peralta, gets out of the inning, and it's 3-0. If the Yankees could stop hitting into soul-crushing double plays, that wouldn't be insurmountable.

Chip Caray: "You get the feeling that this Yankee offense is like a two-liter bottle of soda." Oh my god, STOP IT!

On the plus side: A-Rod finally got himself a solid single. All together now: It's alive! It's moving! It's aliiiiiiiiiive!...


Anonymous said...

tbs is pretty pathetic...since when does Westbrook have a "TURBO" sinker.

Steve said...
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Cupid said...

Steve's in love..

Steve's in love..

Steve's in love..

Emma said...

Who says Yankee fans aren't conflicted about Roger Clemens?!

Steve, Clemens is 45, he's coming off a series of injuries, and he just didn't have it. Seems like a physical issue to me, not a moral one.

Anonymous said...

But we expect superstars to Play Hurt, like that um guy with the bloody ankle last season.